Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer Review

arizer air main product image

The Arizer Air is a great little portable vaporizer that is essentially a smaller, sleeker version of the Arizer Solo – which is still considered one of the best portable vaporizers around. Building on the success of the Solo, the Air features the same solid durability, but is much slimmer and more discreet than the Solo. It comes preset with 5 different heat temps, two glass diffusers and a replaceable battery.

Personally, I love having a portable vape because I can use it at home, on the go and it works just as well as the volcano or any desktop vape. I prefer to vape herbs so the Arizer is perfect for what I do, it fits right in my pocket or the front pocket of my backpack so I can carry it around practically anywhere I go.

It also comes with a carrying case which clips onto your belt that can hold the vape itself as well as the glass diffusers and although I don’t find it practical to keep it on my belt in public it’s great to have for hiking! It’s way more discreet than a pipe and produces incredible clouds.

The glass diffusers are a huge plus, I always prefer to use glass and the bowl part of the chambers hold enough herb for me to get multiple good hits. My only concern with the glass is I have to be a little extra careful when traveling so I don’t drop or break it but if you’re looking for a piece to throw around you should just stick to cheap plastic pipe.

This vape is perfect for anyone who wants a good quality vape that you can take on the go and also use at home. It can be stored easily, kept discreet and with the replaceable battery I can keep using it for as long as I want. Definitely recommend for those who love to vape on the go, may be new to vaping or just want a quality portable vaporizer in their possession.

Author: Millikesse